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How the Foremen Illustrated Resiliency in Challenging Times

Aleah and I join a client’s monthly meeting with their 12 foremen (the guys supervising more than 50 projects out in the field). This month we were asked to facilitate a discussion to see how the foremen are doing with all the challenges due to COVID and the upcoming holidays.

We approached this exercise with a goal to have the guys feeling safe enough to share their vulnerabilities in front of their peers and the company’s president. It was a bit surprising to us that one by one, they all started to speak up and share how they were doing.

A couple guys are single parents and struggle managing the need to be in the field and having the kids get school done remotely. You could feel the burden they were carrying.

Many of the foremen mentioned that they miss being able to grab a beer with their team after work. That time for personal connection and camaraderie was a void in their lives, which takes a toll. Their bosses heard this and committed to finding ways to help them find time to hang out away from the job site, yet safely due to COVID.

There is a strong connection between resiliency and gratitude. At the end of the meeting, we asked each foreman to share one thing for which they are grateful. It was powerful to hear the majority of them refer to “working for this company.” They have seen change in the organizational culture due to the leadership team’s work over the last several months, guided by the principles of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The leadership team has committed to cascading a healthier way of leading. There’s no better feeling than knowing all that hard work is making a positive impact on the employees – at all levels of the company.

Mike Butler, Founder - The Executive Guide